Best Free PDF Readers for Your Windows Computer

With the Advent of Ebooks especially pdf documents , having the best pdf reader on your computer matters alot , since most of your readings will revolve around it . Traditionally we have all relied on adobe pdf reader , but as the years have advanced, many pdf readers have cropped up with more features and are more lightweight.

Today i present to your some of the bestfree pdf readers for windows available ,which can also function as good alternatives and replacement to your Adobe pdf reader. But what exactly are the features of a good pdf reader?


The pdf reader does not have to weigh down your computer performance

• Tabs Ability:

The ability to open more than one pdf document on the same window rather than different windows

• Comment System :

a good pdf reader should enable you easily had comments, highlights and annotations to your documents

• Fillable forms :

Good pdf readers allow you to easily fill forms on pdf documents


The ability to password protect your sensitive documents from unauthorised viewing

• Digital Signature :

Insert digital signature on documents to identify you as the person who creatted a document

Below are the best free pdf readers that you should download to get hold of the above features and much more. Enjoy

Foxit Reader is the most popular pdf reader on the list and comes packed with a variety of features. By today, foxit reader is used by over 150 million people.

• Support for tabs , hence you can open more pdf documents within the same window

• has document features such as rotate and zoom, read out alooud, screen campture, highligting capability and much more

• comes with security features such as password protect and encryption, see more features here

Foxit reader is definitely a must have pdf reader with incredibly features that will enable you manage all your pdf readers easily and most importantly it is free with support for windows 7, windows 8.

Nitro pdf reader is also a very good pdf reader that does more by default than any other pdf reader available. the free version comes packed with alot of features and offers a good experience in creating, reading and managing pdf documents.

• Easily create pdf documents from virtually any document available such as excel , word documents, pictures etc

• nitro pdf reader is easy to use with windows office like menu’s for easy access and operation

• Virtual pdf printer, enables your convert office documents and other documents to pdf form easily

Nitro pdf reader is free of charge and incredibly lightweight. Download it below

Sumarta is an open source powerful free pdf reader that is also lightweight. The features of sumatra pdf reader include:

• Supports many document formats such as pdf, epub and kindle

• powerful and starts up very fast on your computer

• Sumatra is a portable application so you dont have to install it. Just download and run

You can download Sumatra pdf reader below.

This is one of the best pdf readers especially for those dealing with OCR , editting and modification of pdf documents . The unique thing about pdf Xchange viewer is that it allows free users to try extended functionality (only available for paid users), for free in evaluation mode without compromising its software performance.

• Small and fast on your computer

• OCR technology, allows you to search scanned documents

• Allows you to edit, modify pdf documents and create pdf files directly from scanners and .txt files

Pdf Xchange viewer is recommended for those who want to editand modify pdf documents ,and those who deal with Scanned documents.

With the above presented free pdf readers, you can do more than just read pdf readers on your computer. So please give them a try since they are all free and use the one’s that you will end up loving.