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Best Free Web Browsers for Your Computer

Would you like to know all about internet browsers ? Well The internet has become a huge part of our life , this is because we can access most services online including reading news, watching movies and much more.

To access the internet, we need software applications called web browsers to access the internet, most of which are free . The most common types of free web browsers are google chrome, mozilla and opera mini. Below i explain the features of each free internet browsers and provide you a link to download them.

Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google , and of this date it is the most popular web browser used by millions of people. Features of the chrome web browser are explained below:

Speed :

Google chrome is designed to be fast in every possible way


Chrome is designed to keep you safe and more secure on the web

Simplicity :

Google chrome web browser comes with a very simple to use yet effectivie user interface

• Easy Customization :

The most important feature of google chrome is easy custiomization where you can add themes, apps and extension easily from the chrome web store.

• Multi – platform :

Google chrome is available in virtually every device i.e computers, smartphones, tablets etc and thus you can easily access all your bookmarks and saved passwords

To Download Google Chrome free web browser , follow the link below:

Mozilla Firefox is second in popularity and is a free web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation. As of july 2013 , firefox has a usage base between 16% and 20% making it the second most used browser behind goolge chrome.

• Browsing made easy through the Awesome bar which gives you suggestions on your most visited sites

• The latest version of mozilla firefox features an improved interface with tabs on top, bookmarks button, downloads button and a simplified reload/stop button

Synchronisation :

Firefox syncs your browser data between all your devices using the firefox browser

• Easy Search :

Firefox features an integrated web search for easy search through your preferred search engines

To Download Firefox Free Web Browser, Follow the link below:

Opera is another popular free web browser developed by Opera Software company, with over 300 million monthly users. Opera web browser is built with motre unique proprietary features as explained below:

• Easy Discoverability :

The discover button on the Opera web browser gives you top quality news and entertainment from across the world

• Speed up on slow networks :

This is the best feature of opera browser where it detects a slow network and compresses pages for faster, all-conditions browsing. It helps you stay online when your connection slows down.

• Search and Navigate Easily :

Opera has one intuitive, powerful location for searching and navigating the web. Search using multiple providers and view site suggestions as you type.

• For more opera features, click here

Impressed with Opera ? download it from the link provided below

This is a relatively new browser developed by thePirateBay (Based on Tor and Mozilla Firefox) used to circumvent internet censorship. A good example is when you are on a network that restricts some sites, well then the pirate browser is for you

Download The Pirate Browser using the link provided below

Apple safari is an internet browser developed by apple for both mac computers and windows computers.

The latest version of Safari web browser comes with new advanced featuresthat make it an even better place to explore the web. Safari searches even smarter so you’ll find web pages faster.

• Unified Smart Search Field : Get everything from one toolbar

• Tab view : Gives you a big picture of your browsing

• For more features , Click Here