Google Search Tips & Tricks: How to Search like a Pro Using Google

About 80% of users start Surfing the web by using the search engine Google to type the phrases of whoever information they want to search or look up information.

Performing basic search using Google is one thing, but Performing search like a Pro is another new interesting world, which lets you find what you are looking for easily and in short time.

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With these Google tips and tricks, you will be able to search Google like a pro and find what you need in the shortest time possible, be it specific websites, names of people and much more.

From now on, you will be able to search Google, and any other search engine like a Pro. Lets get started.

This is applicable when you want to search for a specific item, such as names of people or place. Example: Typing Steve Jobs to the search engine will result in mixed separate results having both Steve and Jobs as either first or last names.

To find the two word together, you simply enclose the search phrase with double quotes “ “.

If you would like to search a Specific website for keywords or content that match a certain phrase then you can easily use Google to search the site in question.

Here, you can use the phrase “Keyword” site:

Very often, you may word to exclude results that include a certain keyword and/or sitename from your search.

To easily perform this, you add the minus “-“ sign in front of the word/site you would like excluded.

This is a nice one.

If you would like to include a specific word in your search results, including results that contain synonyms (words of similar meanings), or similar words then you can simply use the tilde “~” sign in front of that word.

Example of Word and Synonyms Search: Online jobs ~California

To find specific file types such as Pdfs, powerpoint documents (ppt) , excel (xlsk) and much more, just use the modifier “filetype:” in your Google search.

This word OR that WORD

If you want one word, OR another word to be used when performing a Google search, then you can use the OR operator, it should be Capitalized.

Example of Using OR in search: Nice Atlanta hotels OR nice new york hotels

Interested to know where a specific area code represents? Simply type the 3-digit area code and Google search will tell you where it is.

You can perform quick calculations in Google search just by typing in the expression of whatever mathematical result you would want.

To find definitions of words or phrases, simply use the “define:” operator and Google search will do the rest for you.

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Head over to Google and start searching like a PRO.

Learning tips and tricks on how to perform an effective Google search will help you easily get what you want, when you want and in the shortest time possible.