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How to Easily Convert Web pages to PDF Online with PrintFriendly

Ever found an awesome piece of article across the web that you would like to easily Convert to PDF or print ?

With PDF being the most popular format for people to read articles/books , We always look for ways to convert HTML/ web pages to PDF documents so we can read offline or share with friends.

Not knowing how to Easily convert web pages to PDF can be a daunting tasks because sometimes you may Google and realize there are 1000 different ways .

In this article, I will show you the easy ways of Converting web pages to PDF .

The easy way to convert Web pages to PDF file format is through an Extremely easy to use website known as Print Friendly & PDF which has the sole goal to “Make Any Web page Print Friendly”

Print Friendly & PDF is a web service that allows you to convert any web pages on the internet into friendly PDF files that are suitable for printing purposes.

All you do is paste the URL of the web page you want printed and Print Friendly will generate a preview of the PDF where you can additionally edit parts of the document and remove images etc

Print friendly has the following features:

• Easy to use interface , just paste in your URL and Print friendly will generate a PDF print friendly file

• Easy Editing :

With print friendly, you can edit any part of the converted PDF document before you print

• Powerful Options :

After conversion, you have the option to either print your document or save it as a PDF. Additionally you can email your friends the document

• Document Layout Preservation :

Print Friendly does not alter the layout of the document and links inside. This is perfect for webmasters who want to submit articles to Document sites such as Scribd.

Next, i will show you how you to go about converting your Web pages into PDF Files.

1. The following is a simple, easy to learn procedure on how you can easily convert web pages to PDF documents for printing , sharing or Download.

2. Paste in the URL of the Document you want Print . E.g and click on Print Preview.

3. Wait for a few seconds and the website will generate a Print preview of the page you want Printed.

4. You can now edit by pointing your mouse to a particular image or block of text and then Click to Delete.

5. Finally after you finish editing , you can choose whether you want to directly Print the Webpage, Save it as a PDF or Email to one of your friends

Additionally you can add a PrintFriendly button to your Browser to enable you easily convert web pages to PDF without leaving the page. Follow instructions here.

With PrintFriendly, you can Easily convert all your Favourite web pages to PDF documents. This will enable you read the documents even when you do not have an internet connection, using Free PDF Software that is available.