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The Best Epub Readers For Your Computer

Are you looking for the best epub readers for your epub ebooks ? then you have stumble into the right place, Keep reading.

with the major popularity of ebooks all over the world due to the fact that they provide an easier cheaper alternative to hardcover books, the need for the best epub readers has been on the rise. Finding the right epub reader is essential for easily managing your ebooks collection and to give you a good reading experience.

EPUB stands for Electroninc Publication which is a free and open ebook standard , and all ebooks published on this format feature the extension .epub

Epubs are designed for Reflowable content meaning that epub readers can optimise text and font for a particular device

Best Epub Readers For Your Windows Computer

Calibre ebook reader is billed as the one stop solution for all your ebook readers. Calibre can be able to read your epub ebooks and further more , you can convert ebooks from one format to another e.g, from epub to pdf, pdf to epub and much more.

Calibre ebook reader comes with the following awesome features

• LIbrary management : Easily manage all your ebooks from a nice graphical user interface

• E-book conversion : Convert your existing ebooks into various formats such as epub, pdf, kindle

• Easily sync your ebooks between your different e-readers

With Calibre, you can easily view your epub ebooks and convert them to various other formats.

This is a cross-platform open source reader that supports epub ebooks, therefore it can be used as an epub reader . FBReader additionally features a nice interface.

• FBReader provides access to popular network libraries that contain a large set of e-books

Mobipocket is a free advanced ebook reader , which supports multi-format ebooks (epub included) and works on a variety of devices suh as windows computer and symbian phones . Mobipocket allows you to easily build, organise , read and annotate your entire ebook collection.

• Access all of your digital text in one place

• Easy management and organisation with ratings, lists and instant search

To Download Mobipocket Ebook Reader, Follow the download link below

I did a post about the best free pdf readers for your windows computer , where i featured Sumatra PDF . Well additionally, Sumatra PDF can be used to read epub ebooks very easily. and whats more ? Sumatra PDF is a portable application, that means you dont have to install it, just download and Run.

In this post, I have provided the best epub readers for your computers, some are platform specific while others are multi-platform .

With this epub readers software, you get hassle free good reading experience for all your epub ebooks , futhermore Calibre ebook reader will allow you to convert your ebooks from one format to another all for free.

If there is an additional Epub reader i have not featured, please comment below and tell me about it and let your thoughts be heard.