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The Best Free Download Manager for Your Firefox Browser

Frustrated with your download Experience while using Firefox ?

Maybe you are in the look for a good Download Manager such as Internet Download Manager (IDM), only to discover that it is not free and you have to cough up some money .

Well today, I have the best Firefox Download Manager for you , not only is it free but it is also fast and built right on top of Firefox Browser, meaning you won’t have to install any necessary softwares to your Computer.

Download Them All is a powerful yet extremely simple to use Mozilla Firefox Download Manager Addon which, provides you with advanced download capabilities to forever improve your Download Experience.

With Download Them All, you are able to download links , images and even videos contained in a webpage with ease. What is more , you are able to customize and refine your downloads down to the file type and even speed.

Some of the Download Them All Firefox Addon features include:

• Complete Integration with Firefox:

Easily access Download Them All from the Firefox Context menu by right clicking any page.

• Increase your Download Speeds by up to 400 Times:

Download Them All employs a smart and advanced download technique known as ‘multipart download’ which basically splits files into multiple sections which are then simultaneously downloaded , providing an average download speed which is 400 times higher.

• Advanced Auto Renaming Features:

Never again will you over write an existing file, Download Them All provides you the option of either renaming the file or stopping the download altogether to avoid duplicate files

• Pause and Resume Downloads:

Normal Download managers rarely have these feature, once you pause and resume a Download, it starts to download a fresh. Not with Download Them All, you can easily pause and resume downloading files without loosing any data whatsoever.

• Other Features: other important Download Them All Features include:

Customize download time and number of download slots, and automatic closure of both the Download Manager and the Tab once download is finished

How to use Download Them All

Getting Download Them All up and running is easy and fast by following the steps below

Step 1:

Download and Install Download Them All | Download Them All (DTA)

Step 2:

To use Download Them All, Simply click on any Download Link from any Website and select the Download Them All Option from the Download Dialog Box as shown below:

And once you Click ok ,you can then Add your Download by clicking the start button as shown below

As simple as that, in 5 simple steps , you can get your Download Manager up and running

With Download Them All Firefox Download Manager, you not only get a free Download Manager for your Digital downloads, you also get a lightweight, fast and free download manage.

If you want to extend your Capabilities, you can learn more on how you can use Download Them All to Download Youtube Videos Easily.