Tips To Consider When Buying or Selling a Fortnite Account on the Fortnite Account Shop

Buying and selling Fortnite accounts is a popular way to make money, but it can also be risky. It’s important to understand the basics of account trading and valuation before you dive in. Here are some tips to help you navigate through the process safely and successfully: 


  1. Do your research before you buy or sell 

Before buying or selling an account, it’s important to research what similar accounts have recently sold for. You should compare the level of gear, skins, and emotes in each account, as well as recent sale prices, to get an accurate estimate of its value. You should also read any feedback from previous buyers or sellers, as this can provide valuable insight into their experience with this type of transaction. 

  1. Check for signs of fraud 

When buying an account, look for any signs that the seller has used cheats or hacks to play the game. This includes suspiciously high skill ratings and win rates, low deaths per match, etc. If cheating has occurred, it’s likely that Epic Games will detect it quickly and ban your new account as soon as they find out – leaving you without your money and without access to your new purchase! 

  1. Use secure payment methods 

It’s important to use secure payment methods when making any type of online transaction involving Fortnite accounts. PayPal is an excellent option, as it offers buyers protection against fraud if something goes wrong with the purchase. Other secure options include using gift cards for payment (which are untraceable) or even cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, which offer additional anonymity benefits compared to traditional currencies such as USD/EUR/GBP etc.  

  1. Secure your personal information and accounts 

Another important tip is to never give out personal information such as passwords, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. to anyone you don’t know from a reliable source – especially during transactions related to buying/selling accounts on the Fortnite Account Shop! The same goes for securing your own personal accounts; always use strong passwords and two-factor authentication where possible to protect them from being compromised by malicious actors online who may try to steal money or data associated with them.  


  1. Understand who is responsible for refunds and disputes 

Finally, it’s important to understand who is responsible for refunds & disputes if something goes wrong – so always read the small print carefully before committing to a deal! Generally speaking, both parties should agree on a refund policy before completing a transaction to avoid any potential issues down the line – but if no agreement is reached, then default terms will usually apply based on the platform being used (eBay / Amazon / Reddit).